What’s the Point?

At one point in my life I had a job that was perfect for me in a lot of ways. I learned something new every single day. I was surrounded by intelligent, fun, encouraging people. I related to the population I served and most the most rewarding, advocating and supporting military members and their families through a huge life changing event. While working full time I went to school full time. There was one semester in particular where my husband was deployed, I worked 40 hours, and took on 16 semester hours all at the same time. Who does that? Me. Because I was awarded a scholarship that required it. It was one of those pick your poison situations. Free tuition and a lot of work or debt and a little extra work?

I lost that job in January of 2015 and ever since I’ve had a really hard time finding something that makes me as happy as I was when I worked with/for the military. I went back to school and completed my degree (yay), I have a job now that directly relates to my major and gives me an opportunity to provide direct clinical care. Sounds great on paper, right? I can’t really say yet if I love it or not because I’m not sure. Today was a good day, but last week and the week before that I cried on the drive home at least two or three times.

While working in the ‘perfect’ job I spoke of,  I only had an Associates Degree but I made a really great income. The job I have now requires a Bachelors Degree that I have earned, from a really great institution, has me over-worked (because the turnover rate in Mental Health facilities is astronomical) and under-payed. What? Like, how? How is it possible?

Someone explain…. What was the point of getting a college degree only to earn an income less of what some earn with only a High School Diploma? I mean, we all know the cost of a higher education only increases every single year and the debt that the average student graduates with is more than what I’ll earn in three years. So help me understand how/why I’m apart of a society where industries an corporations require a degree for a lot, if not all positions, yet the salaries do not even come close to helping pay off the debt acquired by earning said degree.

It’s almost as infuriating as the cost of child care. Lord, don’t even get me started on that! But seriously, whats the point in working your ass off to get through school, to earn the degree, only to go out into the work force to find that no one is going to pay you enough to pay off that expensive piece of paper you just spent four years earning.

What’s the point?

What do you think?

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