He is Never Home on Valentines Day

He is never home on Valentine’s Day! I can’t remember the last time we were together on the one day we have an excuse to buy obnoxious gifts for one another. It could be worse… it could be Christmas. I’m sure the military deployment gods will come after me for even thinking about complaining. 

He is never home on Valentine’s Day but he still managed to get me flowers before he left. And heart shaped peeps. I use to love peeps when I was younger, now it’s a running joke because I hate them. He keeps buying them, but I never eat them. 

He is never home on Valentine’s Day but he is already setting high standards for ‘A’ on how she should be treated on this day, and every day in between. 

He is never home for Valentine’s Day but in 2007 we got lucky because we had just PCS’d. He got me a red kitchenaide mixer and I still brag about how clever that was. 

He is never home for Valentine’s Day and that one year he was deployed – he ordered me flowers and paid extra to have them delivered on Valentine’s Day. I got them two days late and he still refuses to buy flowers from 1-800-flowers because of that. 

He is never home on Valentine’s Day but he always cooks me a meal before or after. Usually, it’s spaghetti because that’s my favorite, but this time it was steak. So. Good! 

He is never home on Valentine’s Day but he always sends a great text that’s usually worth a screen shot and bragging rights to my friends. 

He is never home on Valentine’s Day but he knows my love language comes in the form of Amazon Prime and he is always checking my wish list. 

He is never home on Valentine’s Day but that’s ok, because he does more than a good job of showing me and our kids that you don’t need “a day” to be treated special. 

Thanks, Red. Happy Valentine’s Day from home. 

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I have chronic bitch face and I’m ok with that. My love language is Amazon Prime. I have two kids that are pretty awesome. There’s this tall guy thats been hanging around since the 10th grade so I told him I loved him and married him - He wears camo for a living, and I dig that! I really love school. Its true! I get passionate about things quickly then write about it here. I started this blog about a year ago and last summer I started freelancing on the side for a few different organizations. I got a handful of opportunities to be a guest blogger for some parenting sites in the U.K. and since then, I've been trying to build my audience. I can assure you this isn't just another "mom blog." I'm opinionated, I cuss a little (a lot), and I like booze so hopefully that entices you to take a look. I'm also a military Spouse and politics run deep in my home. I work full time with youth and adolescents that face severe and complex mental health issues. And lastly, I'm a full time student working on my Masters in substance abuse/mental health prevention science. BOOMER! Put all of that in one bag and you'll understand why I drink and love a good convo! Check out my work from over the last year, I can promise you there is something for everyone.

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