5 Reasons International Women’s Day Means Nothing To Me

I have 5 reasons international women’s day means nothing to me. It isn’t about shaming opposing views. It’s about my opinion on reality. An organized event that gives media platforms another chance to divide us isn’t reality. 
A Day Without a Woman: Yeah Right! 

I can’t pee, shower, or even check the mail without being interrupted by a child needing a glass of milk, looking for a shoe, or throwing something at me under the door. Who the hell believes “A Day without a Woman” was a realistic movement? Did you get to relinquish all of your responsibilities for the day? If so, I’m judging you a lot more than you’re judging me.

I make a bigger impression on my daughter, my female colleagues, and the clients I serve by being present – Day in and day out. I couldn’t walk away from my children, husband, friends, co-workers, and consumers, and feel right about it. I am not empowered by one’s ability to bail out on responsibilities for a day due to a political agenda. I’m empowered by the constant presence of determined female professionals, mothers, students and more.

I saw that women considered to be working in vulnerable community organizations were encouraged not to participate. So, we’re going to talk about equality, but only to those of you who don’t have important jobs in the eyes of the originating creators. 

I don’t want to do the Shit Men do

I am all about girl power but some of you are lying through your teeth if you believe that women are equal to men in every aspect of our existence and need to be treated as such.

Has your home ever been hit by a tornado? I live in Tornado Ally, also known as Moore, Oklahoma. My house got hit in the May 2013, E-5 tornado and there was significant damage. Before you run the streets screaming for equal rights of women, you better be able to remove a 2×4 from your ceiling and then patch up the roof to stop the flooding after. You should also be able to maneuver an electrical K-12 saw that can cut through a trampoline that becomes wedged between your house and a fence.  

Until the day comes that you no longer need a man to help you in situations such as these, I suggest you put your sign down.

My Boss is a Woman and she Kick’s Ass

My boss went on a rant once in our weekly meeting about how she takes young professionals and trains, educates, supports, and guides them from the earliest points of their careers. Nonetheless, some leave positions working under her to go on to better-paying jobs. She told us that she use to be bitter about it, and occasionally still is, until recently. She went on to explain that she was at an annual conference that several other community organizations also attend and the three individuals responsible for coordinating this conference use to work for her.

She thought to herself: I could be bitter that I lost three really great employees (within a few weeks of each other) that I invested a lot of time and resources into. Or, I can be proud that I am the only woman in this building which is responsible for not one, not two, but three female professionals that have moved on to be successful leaders.

That is girl power!

I Appreciate Traditional Gender Role Expectations in my Home

I’ve been married for ten years, so yes, we are “stuck in our ways” but there is a reason I do laundry all the time and my husband doesn’t. That reason is because I don’t want to clean frickin’ toilets! Go ahead, say it. “This bitch can’t even clean toilets.” Let me correct you, I CAN clean toilets, I just chose not to. It’s a mutual understanding. I do the laundry; you clean toilets and pick up dog shit.

I also really enjoy making dinner for my family. I like having my kids in the kitchen with me because not only am I spending time with them, I’m teaching them skills they’re going to need and use one day -hopefully. My husband carries his weight. He grills the best steaks, his on the fly Guac is the best Sunday afternoon snack, and holy shit he can smoke a brisket that falls apart in your mouth.

The Gender Wage Gap is a Myth… kind of

I stumbled upon this video and I wasn’t convinced at first because, well… it’s YouTube. So I did some research of my own. The American Association of University Women (AAUW) completes a yearly investigation into the pay gap between men and women. Statistics from 2015 revealed the gender pay gap is only 6.6 cents. Want proof? I’d love to share the information with you, but it is no longer accessible through their website. Isn’t that, Ironic? Think I’m kidding? Click here

Additionally, the idea that the gender wage gap is highly influenced by personal choices had me curious. These variables aren’t considered though, when the median earnings of men and women are calculated and then smeared across headlines. The “adjusted” wage gap calculation, however, does account for those “choice” factors and the outcome was a 6.6 cent differential.

I will say, for those of you calling me names from behind your screen, that there is a long history proving substantial gaps in pay between men and women, and that can’t be explained outside of inequality. So I’m not completely convinced that it never existed, but I’m on the “your choices determine your pay” bandwagon right now. 

Think about it, my husband works on Air Planes in the Military, and I work in the mental health field. Aerospace Engineering positions are ruled by males at 88%, whereas the mental health field primarily consists of female professionals at 74%. Is the pay gap real? Or does my education and professional field of interest just provide shitty incomes? If you know of a non-doctor, mental health professional making over $100k/year then please, forward me their info, I’d like to send them my resume.


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23 thoughts on “5 Reasons International Women’s Day Means Nothing To Me

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog 🙂 I meandered over here to see what you were about, and I like what I see! I completely understand how you feel and agree with you. When “Women’s Day” occurred I said many of these same points, sans statistics, to my co-workers. We are teachers and none of us even thought about not coming to work- I can think of other ways to prove my worth and none require me to shout and shake a poster up and down. You go, girl!

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  2. Just stumbled upon this – fantastic post thank you!
    I have a feminism post of my own bubbling in my head, busy few days ahead, but then hopefully I’ll have more time.
    I get sick (not offended, in fact the irony is hilarious), of being slated by feminists for not being one.
    Thought you were for ALL women, & womens rights, I am exercising my right not to attach myself to a mindset that helps nobody in the long run!

    Can you tell that I am opinionated too? 😁

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  3. I love this post-and what really bothered me about the “day without woman” were the negative impact felt by those who were affected by the protests-like the Mother who wanted to work, and needed to work, but then couldn’t because her child’s school closed it doors due to lack of staff attendance, and her babysitter bailed because she was busy protesting…makes you wonder how far is it worth protesting, when your absence really hurts those you’re standing up for

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  4. Hi Christina,
    This was funny. I wore red but no one noticed! Do you Skinny and Single’s Laura? You are a humorous writer in her style.
    I am Janice. I met you at Jason’s Meet and Greet. I offer blogging tips for bloggers and I have blog parties like Jason. I don’t mind if you swear or drink booze at the parties, so maybe you can check out my blog. I am actually hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party on my site right now. Two of the guests complained we ran out of green beer.


  5. Thank you for this. I definitely couldn’t have just up and not done my previous job as a teacher or my current job as a mama and I think there are plenty of other, more effective ways I can show my children why women are important.

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  6. I’m with you girl!! I’ve been in a male dominated job the majority of my life, and I always got paid the same unless I was the junior employee. Also, I can do a lot of things and I’m very proud of what I can do, with that said, I love having my husband around to do the things I physically can not do. It’s nice to have him lift the heavy stuff! Another great post! Thanks again.

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