8 Thoughts I had While Reading Facebook Posts Regarding the Missile Strikes in Syria

Sometimes, my biggest accomplishment for the day is just keeping my mouth shut. Today isn’t one of those days. In case you weren’t sure, my tone in this post is 100% sarcastic.

Here are 8 thoughts I had while reading Facebook posts regarding the Missile Strikes in Syria.

  1. Oh wow, I didn’t know she was a political analyst. 
  2. Do they have any post-high school government education?
  3. Oh my god! He can predict the future. We’re all screwed. I should go get bread and milk.
  4. Surely she knows that TrueTrumpNews.com isn’t reliable, right? 
  5. She woke up this morning, scrolled through Facebook, saInformed vs Opinionatedw what everyone else was saying, mentally picked a side, and then wrote an emotional caption. Didn’t work, dude. I know what you did!
  6. He used the wrong “their.” Should I tell him?
  7. She shared a celebrity statement… I’m totally convinced now. 
  8. This seems legit, the same guy that posted a video of a brutal street fight yesterday is taking a political stance today. The air strike was wrong! 

I didn’t know so many of my Facebook friends were political, historical, and geographical experts. Try being informed instead of just opinionated.

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