Do You Remember What Life was like Before Kids?

Do you remember what life was like before kids? What did you do with all that time, energy, and money?

The Ultimate “My Texas” Bucket List

Everything’s Bigger in Texas... Including my Bucket List!

What Disaster Taught Me on May 20, 2013 

Preparation has a funny way of making you feel like you're ready for anything, but it's a false sense of security. You could never prepare for the unexpected wrath that Mother Nature is capable of delivering.

Resiliency: Defined by the Military Child 

April is Month of the Military Child - How do the military children in your life define resiliency?

Tale as Old as Time: Beauty and the Beast Review

I went to see Beauty and the Beast and here's what I thought...

5 Reasons International Women’s Day Means Nothing To Me

5 Reasons International Women's Day is Unimportant to me

What’s for Dinner? Mexican! 

Tonight we took my father-in-law to our favorite restaurant in Norman! Tarahumaras! They have the best Tex-Mex around and we always take friends and family that come to visit there! I have never left disappointed.  We pulled into the parking lot... Me: I'm so excited for this!  Red: Smells so good! 'A' running through the …

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Pinterest Mom’s | Their Existence Has Been Confirmed and Here is the Problem

If you have ever been to a school event for your child, then you’ll probably relate to this. We’ve all seen them - Pinterest Mom’s!

Dear Parents, You Define their Future. Not the Election

I knew that this year’s presidential election would cause people to show their ugly side. I knew I would see memes for days, insults, hatred, stereotyping and a level of judgment that was unthinkable before November 8th, 2016. What I didn’t expect was for it to drag on the way it has. I was helping …

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Friendship Karma

Fact: I’m a huge Sex in the City fan. Carrie Bradshaw will always have a place in my heart. There is an episode in particular that I watched, probably for the 100th time as I packed up our home to leave Washington and move to Oklahoma. As the episode ends, Carrie leaves you with another …

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