Death Simultaneously 

Death simultaneously is an emotion, an experience, and a thought process I'm too familiar with.

She Gets it From Her Momma! 

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree... My husband had a date day planned with our daughter, 'A' last week. They had breakfast together and then they were going to see the Emoji Movie that afternoon.  In between breakfast and waiting to leave for the movie my husband called AT&T to take care of …

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Do You Remember What Life was like Before Kids?

Do you remember what life was like before kids? What did you do with all that time, energy, and money?

The Ultimate “My Texas” Bucket List

Everything’s Bigger in Texas... Including my Bucket List!

Resiliency: Defined by the Military Child 

April is Month of the Military Child - How do the military children in your life define resiliency?

8 Thoughts I had While Reading Facebook Posts Regarding the Missile Strikes in Syria

At this point, all you can do is laugh at some of the things you see on Facebook. Sarcasm Alert!

Blue Lives Matter vs. Veteran | How My Attempt to “Back the Blue” Backfired 

I showed my support for local law enforcement and this is the negative response I received from a neighbor

Pinterest Mom’s | Their Existence Has Been Confirmed and Here is the Problem

If you have ever been to a school event for your child, then you’ll probably relate to this. We’ve all seen them - Pinterest Mom’s!

He is Never Home on Valentines Day

He is never home on Valentine's Day! I can't remember the last time we were together on the one day we have an excuse to buy obnoxious gifts for one another. It could be worse... it could be Christmas. I'm sure the military deployment gods will come after me for even thinking about complaining.  He …

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“Real News” is a Thing of the Past | Goodbye, SpouseBuzz!

Are there any honest News Reporters anymore?