She Gets it From Her Momma! 

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree... My husband had a date day planned with our daughter, 'A' last week. They had breakfast together and then they were going to see the Emoji Movie that afternoon.  In between breakfast and waiting to leave for the movie my husband called AT&T to take care of …

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That’s from China

The things my kids say that I could never make up on my own!

Things I’ve Accomplished as a Mom

Be proud of yourself as a mother... even in the things that don't feel like magic. You survived, that's worth acknowledging!


Don't cuss around your kids...

Unsolicited Signs

Signs from Above

What’s for Dinner? Mexican! 

Tonight we took my father-in-law to our favorite restaurant in Norman! Tarahumaras! They have the best Tex-Mex around and we always take friends and family that come to visit there! I have never left disappointed.  We pulled into the parking lot... Me: I'm so excited for this!  Red: Smells so good! 'A' running through the …

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When You’re Reminded How Innocent They Really Are…

A child’s innocence is all you need sometimes to remember there is still good in this world.