8 Thoughts I had While Reading Facebook Posts Regarding the Missile Strikes in Syria

At this point, all you can do is laugh at some of the things you see on Facebook. Sarcasm Alert!

Tale as Old as Time: Beauty and the Beast Review

I went to see Beauty and the Beast and here's what I thought...

5 Reasons International Women’s Day Means Nothing To Me

5 Reasons International Women's Day is Unimportant to me

Blue Lives Matter vs. Veteran | How My Attempt to “Back the Blue” Backfired 

I showed my support for local law enforcement and this is the negative response I received from a neighbor

Pinterest Mom’s | Their Existence Has Been Confirmed and Here is the Problem

If you have ever been to a school event for your child, then you’ll probably relate to this. We’ve all seen them - Pinterest Mom’s!

Dear Parents, You Define their Future. Not the Election

I knew that this year’s presidential election would cause people to show their ugly side. I knew I would see memes for days, insults, hatred, stereotyping and a level of judgment that was unthinkable before November 8th, 2016. What I didn’t expect was for it to drag on the way it has. I was helping …

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“Real News” is a Thing of the Past | Goodbye, SpouseBuzz!

Are there any honest News Reporters anymore?

Your Anger is Misdirected

Untimely and unfair tragedies happen. This is not how you cope with it...

The Perfect PSA

The new Public Service Announcement released last week by the Sandy Hook Promise advocacy group has taken over our news feeds and I personally, couldn't be happier about it.  I'm happy to see the victims of this unthinkable tragedy make an impact on our hearts and minds without the added political agenda. If there is …

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Rejection as an Adult

Rejection as an adult vs. rejection as adolescent.