Do Not Let Being Politically Correct Dominate Gratitude and Manners

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There is much to say about ones behaviors and opinions in regards to being politically correct. I live with a divided generation. Half of us walk on pins and needles because the fear of saying something that might be offensive is greater than getting mugged in a parking garage. The other half of us can’t wait to find something new to be offended by.

My daughter refers to chocolate covered donuts as “brown donuts” and I cringe when she asks for them at the grocery store. The fear is real, y’all!

I like to think that I do not have a general  problem respecting others opinions. At least not in public. I can throw on an extra filter layer in certain scenarios but I would be a bold face liar if I told you that I haven’t walked away from uncountable conversations saying “what the hell?” For example, I once referred to Mexicans… as Mexicans. I was stopped mid sentence and told “we refer to them here as hispanic people.” Ok, but wait… I’m confused, because they are Mexican. And if memory serves me right the term “Hispanic” is much more narrow in terms of race classification. So, in this scenario we’re both wrong I guess? Still not sure on that one.

Hypothetical Scenario: I’m at school function – a junior high basketball game for example. I dropped my car keys and didn’t realize it. The person that picked them up happened to turn them into someone that knew they were mine – because I have a State of Texas keychain with teeth marks in it from my son that stands out like a sore thumb. If I’m sitting with a group of culturally mixed individuals and in a well intentioned effort to return my keys  I’m identified as the white girl wearing the chucks… well then, great! I am in fact, the white girl wearing the chucks and I would really like my keys returned because I can’t wait to get out of this gym!

Oh, and… how about a thank you? Thank you, kind stranger that picked up my keys, walked ten feet back to the gym entrance to turn them in only to be redirected and then proceed to deliver them to the white girl wearing chucks.

I’ll admit this is a mild example, nonetheless still valid. Why is it about the chosen identifier and not the good deed? Stop being such a jerk. Say thank you. Then pay it forward. I don’t want to live in a world where people stop doing things like this because they are too scared that the keys might belong to someone of the opposite race and they have no idea what in the world they will do if they have say “those keys belong to the white girl wearing chucks.” I really want someone to return my keys because I really like going home.

I mean, would you care that I referred to you as “a tall middle-aged black man” on the phone with 911 when I’m calling because you just stopped breathing in the grocery store? Or can you just be happy that I gave a shit and called 911?

Seriously, people! Manners! Gratitude! Humility! Work on it! We need more of it.

-The white girl wearing chucks



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  1. *Applauds* This. Exactly this. I mean, You can usually tell by the way someone looks at you while speaking and the tone of their voice whether they’re being racist or just trying to describe something accurately without stopping for half a minute to find a way of putting it that won’t offend anyone.

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