Pinterest Moms | Their Existence Has Been Confirmed and Here is the Problem

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First and foremost, thanks to That Noise is Mine for allowing me to be a guest blogger on her site! She was so easy to work with and I really appreciate her allowing me to share my thoughts on the Pinterest Mom cliques! Check out her page and follow her on Facebook and Twitter (@thatnoiseismine) for some of the best unfiltered stories.

And now… here’s my take on the “Pinterest Mom’s”

My daughter started kindergarten this year, which means my status as a working mom received a new layer of meaning. I was prepared to meet the judgy stay at home mom that attends every class party and volunteers at a minimum of 3 days a week. Rest assured, I wasn’t disappointed.

Back in October I finally had the chance to volunteer for the class fall party. I worked long days that week, so I could take off early on Friday to be there. I was assigned “my station,” I knew what time it started, and I was stoked!

I walked into that school like..

Hey look at me, I work full time. I have a little monster at home and a deployed husband. But here I am – volunteering at my kid’s school, and I don’t look half bad today in my cardigan and curly hair.

Then, there they were – The Pinterest Mom’s. Perhaps, it’s envy. They always look so well put together. Or maybe, a small part of me wishes I could be at home with my kids. Nah! I’m a good mom because I don’t stay home with them.

Regardless, I’ve noticed that these groups of Pinterest Mom’s have a few things in common…

  • Oversized Louis Vuitton
  • Sparkling coffee mug
  • Leggings that match the current holiday
  • A baby with leggings that match yours and a bow bigger than their face
  • The best contour job you’ve ever seen
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Perfect manicure (and probably a pedicure that matches the leggings)
  • iPhone7 Plus
  • Lingering husband with a miserable look on his face yet, he’s still dressed in J. Crew from head to toe.

I know you might be thinking this is critical and hateful. You’re right, it is. But if you think I’m wrong, then you probably are one. Truthfully, the women weren’t that bad. They didn’t talk to me, but I didn’t have an interest in talking to them.

Fast forward three months and I find myself on the 98th day of school frantically skimming through Google searching for “100th day of school” ideas. I became annoyed with some of the pictures I saw.
Who has time to make shirts and pants for this kind of thing? And, how the heck did they know this optional homework assignment was even coming? More importantly, who in their right mind believes that a child made these? Admit it, lady you only let your kid squeeze the glue bottle!

After finding my easiest option, I used my lunch break to run to Target and purchase the supplies: One poster board with a glitter border, one box of foam sticky letters, and five boxes of band-aids. She “survived 100 days of school.” Turned out great, and I didn’t have to do anything.

My daughter’s school uses an app called ClassDojo, and it’s essentially Facebook for her class. I love it for the quick updates, pictures, and communicating with her teacher is a breeze. On the 101st day of school, I get a Dojo alert that new pictures were posted. For a second I thought I was on Pinterest. img_6720-3

Am I the only mom left standing that absolutely refuses to be a Pinterest Mom and complete these projects for their kids? Look, I get it… it’s impossible for a kindergartner to create something that isn’t slightly an eye-sore hanging on the fridge for six months. But isn’t that the point? When did parents stop letting kids be creative and start worrying so much about how a project will make them look? News flash, it isn’t about you. Think about what kind of attitude and expectation you are creating.

You’re telling them that the masterpiece they create will never be “pretty enough” for you.

You’re eliminating all opportunities for creativity and the use of their imagination.

You’re showing them that it’s acceptable for someone else to do the work for them.

You’re allowing them to take ownership and pride in something that they have had minimal if any, participation in. 

20 years from now, you’ll sit back, and reality will punch you in the gut. You’ll have a 25-year old that can’t do laundry, expects a crust-less PBJ for lunch, has zero creativity abilities and lacks critical problem-solving skills. Does the thought of that make take precedence over a few hours of glory and a handful of “likes” you receive for your flawless Pinterest project? At this point, I hope you (at least) let the kid write their name on it themselves.

Stop putting your Pinterest and Facebook post value ahead of your children’s natural desire to be creative. Not only that, stop projecting your “Facebook persona” onto your children. What do you think they enjoy more – working on a school project with you or hearing that mommy’s post got 43 likes? And for god’s sake, stop wearing leggings with pumpkins on them.

8 Replies to “Pinterest Moms | Their Existence Has Been Confirmed and Here is the Problem”

  1. Hi! I really enjoyed reading your blog! Very funny ending and great point about letting your kids do their own biz.
    But, admittedly, I only clicked in here to tell you that your typo’d title baffles me! Please correct the use of “Mom’s” throughout this post to be the plural of mom: moms!
    From an innate Grammar Guru,
    Tarin S.

  2. PREACH! And I’m cracking up at this, “Admit it, lady you only let your kid squeeze the glue bottle!” I’m in a district full of overachieving kids and parents – though, not necessarily Pinterest Moms, but there are some – and I’m the mom who’s lucky to pull on a pair of yoga pants and swipe some mascara and lipstick before getting to school with 5 minutes to spare (it works for us, though!)

  3. I’m not even a mom yet and I’ve already decided that they’re no way I could be a Pinterest mom. After planning my own wedding, I learned that crafty things are so annoying to be and I’m just not good at them. So I know I won’t be doing them for my kids haha

  4. OMG! I love your blog! I knew there was a reason why I liked your style, you drink also!! Ha Ha! Plus a military spouse! Hoorah for the military spouse! Ya’ll put up a lot from us that stick it out in the military! You guys should be the ones that get the awards! Love your stuff!

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