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When Donald Trump won the Presidential election, I watched the news and multiple social media platforms become the breeding grounds for nothing but hate. Naturally, after a week it all died down and people went on living life again. Because, if Facebook and Twitter have taught us anything by their analytic capabilities, it’s that people are only passionate about things for an average of five to seven days.

Inauguration Day 2017 wasn’t much different from November 8th, 2016. Except this time I found myself consumed by one particular post; commenting and eventually obsessing over it. I would go back to read it over and over again. I hate that. I hate when I find myself doing that, because I know I’ve got more important things to do. Like the laundry that needs to be washed from the vacation we were just on.

This time, for whatever reason, this post felt much more personal than the average “Anti-Trump” or “Thank you Obama” post. This one offended me… actually, this one pissed me off. Most of you know by now that I am a military spouse and over the years as such, I have become selective in the pages and groups I “follow” due to the simple fact that it’s difficult deciphering between authentic and fabricated news. Regardless, I started following SpouseBuzz on Facebook and Twitter months ago, because they were associated with Military.com and honestly, they provide great information for the most part. Yesterday was different…


As I scrolled through all of the hateful crap on my feed I see the post to your right, with a headline that (literally) made me say, “what the hell!!!” I click on it, I read it, and the irritation ensues. Way to go Trump… I thought you were Pro-Military! Then, despite my own judgement, I began to scroll through the comment section, because surely people are as shocked as me. For the first time in a long time, I’m glad I looked.


At first, I didn’t have a lot of faith in the opinions of strangers, but after a few minutes of my own research I learned quite a bit about the tech side of Presidential turnover. Here’s my synopsis:

On Inauguration day, all initiatives conceived under the previous POTUS become archived and can no longer be found and/or accessed on WhiteHouse.gov. Instead, you would need to visit their new web page. For example, Joining Forces material can still be accessed through ObamaWhiteHouse.archives.gov. In fact, at the top of that page there is a disclaimer that reads “This is historical material “frozen in time.” The website is no longer updated and links to external websites and some internal pages may not work.” And… Holy shit y’all, there is an ENTIRE page on how to continue following archived material and the process of this digital transition. Seriously, this is not a Trump thing, this is a procedural thing. And it’s not the first time it has happened. Go take a look at George W. Bush’s archived page if you don’t believe me.

Cue infuriation: I feel like, SpouseBuzz sucked me into their social media propaganda with a misleading headline and article. But really, who doesn’t do this anymore? In doing so, they demolished any reputable character they once had. I did my own research and found the truth behind this in my 15 minute car ride to dinner. So, you’re telling me that a journalist writing for Military.com couldn’t do the same? Actively participating in the division of our spousal community by posting defective information is despicable, immoral, and embarrassing. How could you intentionally become a part of the problem we all face daily?

We live in a time where there is an overwhelming sense of security in being able to say whatever you want from behind a computer screen which, has increased the hate in people astronomically. There are not a lot of “safe places” on the web to voice your opinion without being virtually persecuted after. I thought SpouseBuzz offered this to Military families however, they have successfully proven me wrong.

I can respect the opinions of others whether they align with mine or not. What I cannot respect is the progressive existence of partially reliable information that fosters and provokes a segregated community.

Goodbye, SpouseBuzz


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  1. It has become increasingly difficult to believe anything from social media or certain news outlets in modern times. I too have made an effort to ‘unfollow’ and be extremely particular in regards to which pages can be trusted. Unfortunately, many do not do the same and believe every shared or liked story, or even worse- the memes! Dangerous times.

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