Tale as Old as Time: Beauty and the Beast Review

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What would you give to see what’s really inside that Disney vault? After Attending the late showing of Beauty and the Beast on Thursday night with some of my girlfriends, I’d consider selling half of my soul for just 24 hours of access. Im far from a professional movie critic and I’ll admit my favorite movies are Steel Magnolia’s and Bridesmaids but take my word for it… Beauty and the Beast was sensational! 

I have yet to enjoy a Disney remake Cinderella – Not good at all, The Jungle Book – Not bad. Beauty and the Beast – left me feeling like I was six years old again watching the cartoon version for the first time. They totally nailed it! 

My daughter went out of town with my inlaws for spring break so I saw it without her because I couldn’t stand waiting until after the break. Even if I weren’t obligated, I would see it a second time. I’m taking her tomorrow after school and I can’t wait! 

Disney stuck to the original story line (for the most part) and I think that’s what will make this re-make much more successful than others. The animations and graphics for the Beast were great and they hand picked the perfect cast for the other characters. I’m not even slightly a Harry Potter fan (never seen any of the movies) and I fell in love with Emma Watson. 

There is a great lesson in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ that a thing must be loveable before it can be loved” 

– G.K. Chesterton 

Side Note: LeFou (Josh Gad) is Olaf? What! 

Still not sold yet? One of my girlfriends that went had no interest in seeing it. She even added that she wasn’t a “musical” fan. I still convinced her to go, and she enjoyed it. 

I looked Saturday evening out of curiosity and Beauty and the Beast easily cashed in $62.7 million. It will be the fourth best Saturday of all-time beating Iron Man 3 at $62.2 million and Captain America: Civil War at $61 million. The projections show an easy earning of $174 million for the weekend opening and $350 Million worldwide. Guess that goes to show you, that even the “professional movie critics” didn’t get it right. 

Last thing, for those of you that were concerned about the political “first gay character” controversy… if it weren’t on the news you would not have noticed it in the movie. It was incredibly subtle. I mean, it’s Disney!! Can they do anything wrong? 

Seriously! Go see the movie! You won’t be disappointed. And if you are, then reevaluate your aptitude for imagination, because Disney got this one right! 

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  1. I saw this on Sunday and I agree, they absolutely nailed it! I was also very impressed with the transformation of the beast at the end to prince. It really reminded me of the animated version to a T!

  2. This was a fundamental movie of my youth! And as a mom of 3 boys, I sadly could not convince any of them to join me…and all my mommy friends have their own daughters to go with. So my husband actually asked me on a date to go see it. I laughed and turned him down thinking I couldn’t make him do it to himself, but mmm… I’m seeing one great review after the other… could a husband that typically avoids girly flicks make it for the approx. 2 hours? I

    1. Lol hard to say… my husband wants to see it but I think that’s because our daughter talked to so highly of it. I mean, truth be told we can all make it through just about any movie. Take him up on his offer! 🙂

  3. This is Dani Dolls most favorite Disney movie. We have been listening to the John Legend and Ariana Grande theme song often!

  4. I saw this on Sunday- it was AMAZING! I was worried about how the Be Our Guest scene would turn out but everything about it has exceeded my expectations. Loved it!!

  5. I too went to see the late showing of Beauty and the Beast with my husband and we both LOVED it i actually got a bit emotional during the first scene I felt like a little girl watching a disney movie all over again! and I cannot stop raving to people to go watch it! Thank you for this post

  6. I cannot wait to see this movie! I wanted to go see it last weekend and all the showings in almost all of the theaters were sold out here! Definitely buying some advance tickets for this weekend!

  7. I saw it last night! I was blown away with Gaston, he stole the show! His acting was fantastic and his singing was even better! I loved Lefou too, I couldn’t believe what a big deal people made about the TEENY TINY gay bit at the end, it was barely noticeable. I was happy to see that they included it as well as interracial couples. Everyone should be able to identify with someone! Love is love! I thought the whole movie was wonderful. The only part I was less than thrilled with was Emma’s singing, it was just okay for me.

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