Things I’ve Accomplished as a Mom

A Moment to Remember, Uncategorized / Monday, May 15th, 2017

Things I’ve accomplished as a Mom: 

  • Making food that gets thrown on the floor.
  • Perfecting my tone when counting to three.
  • Convincing my daughter that I’m taking chocolate medicine.
  • Understanding the true importance of Retinol in my moisturizer.
  • Ruining a toddler’s day by making him brush his teeth.
  • The ability to sensor the 200+ F bombs that come out of my mouth daily.
  • Only drinking after my kids are asleep.
  • Finding out just how long clothes can sit in the hamper before they’re too wrinkly to wear.
  • How to function on 4 hours of sleep.
  • Delivering empty threats at bath time.

But also…

  • Patience
  • How to embrace muddy hands and tangled hair.
  • Laughing when it counts
  • Hugging every single night, and
  • Saying I love you a zillion times.

There’s nothing in the world that could outweigh the kind of love you experience as a mom.

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  1. I love “How to function on 4 hours of sleep.” Hilarious! But in all honesty, love this reflective list. it reminds you about all the things that you’ve accomplished, big or small 🙂

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